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Benefits of Hydrotherapy
Since ancient times, water has been used to soothe pain as well as employed as a method of treating diseases. The ancient Egyptians used to soak in baths perfumed with essential oils and flowers. Likewise, the Romans used communal pools where many bathers could partake in the benefits of a good soak in the wood-fire heated water. It has long been accepted that soaking in hot water improves health because it increases blood circulation and causes the body to release endorphins (which act like natural painkillers and also give a sense of well-being).

In the early 19th century, the art of hydrotherapy was born as further advancements like the use of warm water slowly became integrated with elements of massage to offer a more restorative experience. Recent medical research is now revealing some of the unique benefits of hydrotherapy, like the positive impact it can have on chronic and debilitating diseases like arthritis and type 2 diabetes.

There are several facets at work in hot tub hydrotherapy that work to nurture your overall well-being:

  • Heat: heals and soothes muscle aches and improves circulation. Water is a very effective method of conducting heat-this means that it takes very little energy to heat water and, in turn, warm weary muscles and stiff joints.
  • Buoyancy: lifts 90% of your body weight which eliminates pressure on the spine and other joints. For many people (like those who suffer from arthritis, jog regularly, or work at a job that requires lifting or standing for long periods of time) the buoyant effect of water can relieve joint stress much more affectively than sitting or lying down.
  • Massage: relaxes tight muscles, calms feelings of stress. This combination of warmth and massage increases your body's natural production of endorphins, to leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed.
Here are a few of ailments that hydrotherapy offers relief from:
Hydrotherapy Seat
Benefits of Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy Jets

Stress is described by the National Institute of Health as a normal part of life that is caused by any situation or thought that brings about feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration. Though it can be difficult to always pinpoint the exact source of stress, the unpleasant symptoms of stress are easily recognized.

  • Headache
  • Backache and muscle pains and/or cramps
  • Fatigue and sleep problems
  • Clenched jaw or teeth grinding
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Irritability

In certain situations, a small amount of stress may aid in accomplishing daily tasks and help you "rise to the occasion". Yet, the side-effects of this tension can cause a you to come undone. A portable hot tub offers an effective means of reducing stress on a daily basis.

Arthritis causes stiff joints and in turn, decreases mobility so that even the simplest tasks become uncomfortable. Sometimes the pain associated with arthritis can keep you from doing the things you love and even interfere with your daily routine.
Hydrotherapy has been proven to help relieve arthritis symptoms:

  • Warm water increases blood flow and helps to diminish inflammation.
  • The massaging action of the jets soothes sore muscles and stiff joints.
  • Buoyancy removes 90% of your body weight, which greatly reduces the pressure on joints

By making hydrotherapy a daily part of your arthritis treatment, you can greatly increase joint mobility, soften stiff joints and relax away pain.

For many people, a full night's sleep is hard to come by- and lost sleep can become a chronic problem that interferes with waking hours.
The National Institute of Health reports that approximately 70% of Americans are affected by some sort of sleep problem.
It is proven that too many sleepless nights can have some serious effects:

  • Getting enough sleep each night helps the brain commit new information to memory.
  • Losing sleep can affect the way your body metabolizes and stores carbohydrates, which means weight gain.
  • Many driving accidents are attributed to drowsiness and delayed reaction from fatigue.
  • Lack of sleep leaves you feeling frustrated and irritable and makes it difficult to concentrate.
  • Serious Sleep Disorder have been links to hypertension.
  • Long term, or chronic, sleep deprivation can lessen your body's immune system defenses.

Hydrotherapy can increase your chances of getting restful sleep because of a combination of therapeutic elements that help to loosen stiff, aching muscles, promote healthy blood flow and reduce the pressure on your spine and joints. Not only does a soak in a hot tub relax your body, but it naturally increases your body's production of endorphins, which leave you feeling at peace and content. Sleep, a scientific journal that focuses on sleep and sleep disorders published research that showed a drop in body temperature can ease you into a deeper, less disturbed sleep.

For those days when you increase your workout time or spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage, a hot tub can help your weary muscles recuperate faster. Hot tubs work as a method of rejuvenating muscle tissue after any activity, whether it be light or demanding. Whether you need help sparking a second wind to get through the rest of the day, or are looking for comfortable cool down into a relaxed state, a portable hot tub offers exactly what you are looking for.

  • Minimize the symptoms of muscle strains, sprains and injuries
  • Increase blood flow and circulation, which helps clear cell waste that occurs during workout (causing that familiar ache) out of muscles.
  • Alleviate back pain.
  • Soothe the symptoms of arthritus after activity.
  • Restore range of motion to joints affected by soreness or arthritis.
  • Bring your entire body into a more calm and peaceful state.

Type 2 Mellitus Diabetes
Though it may seem quite remarkable, in 1999, the New England Journal of Medicine published proof that hydrotherapy can improve certain types of diabetes. After following a regimen of physical exercise and soaking in a spa for 30 minutes, 6 days per week, found that after only 10 days, found that they only required reduced doses of insulin, lost weight and had noticeable decreases in plasma glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin. In addition, patients also noted improved sleep and a greater sense of overall well-being.

Alternative Healing

  • Reflexology: this ancient Chinese form of healing is practiced through the massage of pressure points on the feet. Reflexology was brought to America in 1913 and further developed in the 1940's as a method of relieving stress and promoting health. The massaging jets in the foot well of most spas mimic the massage work used to stimulate positive energy throughout your body.
  • Chromotherapy: This therapeutic technique uses color and light can effect and enhance your mood. Certain hot tubs, like those made by Dream Maker, offer a color changing lights that cast a full spectrum of hues across the water, enabling you to get yourself in the mood to relax, distress or revive.
  • Watsu: this shiatsu technique involves gentle movement and acupressure in the weightless environment created by water. This healing art can be practiced in most larger-sized spas.

By adding a soothing soak in the hot tub to your daily routine, you will reap all the benefits that hydrotherapy has to offer.

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